Front-end Web Development


An outstanding user experience is essential for any end-user – be it your customers or internal users for a business application. A functional, easy to use interface will support your brand value and guide them through the desired business process. We build solutions that are:

  • Interactive and Engaging
  • Cross-platform Compatible
  • Attractive
  • High Performing


Our experienced front-end developers can ensure your web app or website is responsive and user-focused. You want the same experience across all different browsers and devices. Web development best practices and technologies also eveolve over time so with us you can be sure the latest techniques and standards are applied to optimize the performance. Whether we are talking about a business critical application or conversion rates for your online business, stability and scalability have a crucial role.

We have created applications ranging from mobile apps for sporting fans to enterprise web portals and high traffic eCommerce sites, so we understand the needs and differences of the business environments.

We use the best combination from the fundamental technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript and latest frameworks such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, Node.js and ReactJS.

Our Project Experience:

Controlling Displayed Content with Node.js

In a recent project for a telecommunication equipment and services company, our team developed a web based CMS solution using Node.js, an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for high-performance, low latency applications.

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The solution our team created ensures a real-time data communication from the backend to display applications. It has seamless cross-platform integration between the backend, mobile iOS application, and desktop application, allowing users to pre-schedule, upload and present content to be displayed at certain screens for example at exhibitions and trade shows.